Monday, December 31, 2012

Zhūjiājiǎo朱家角 and West Lake西湖

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This blog post consists of pictures I took while my classmates and I spent a weekend visiting Zhujiajiao, a water town near Shanghai, and West Lake (Xihu). 

Zhujiajiao: A water town. What is a water town you may ask? Well in China it is typically a town situated near or on a river and it is riddled with canals or Qanats; shout out to Dune series fans.  The two river towns we visited where beautiful.  As we made our way to the hotel, high stone bridges and splendidly lit river dwellings appeared out of a filter of rain which in my mind truly affirmed the place as a water town.

Our transport to the hotel

It is all the rage in Europe right now

This river town is famous for this style of blue fabric

White Wine Báijiǔ 白酒 factory

Fermentation Room

West Lake Xīhú 西湖

The Water Torch in this picture and two others are on the Chinese 1 Mao paper note

Bamboo Forest

龙井茶 Lóngjǐng chá Dragon Well Tea is a famous and delicious type of green tea grown in China, and it is grown in the same region as West Lake

They hire really handsome guys with red beards to sell their tea
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