Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Hey everyone welcome to 2013!
This blog post consists of pictures I took on a weekend when my friends and I visited Huángshān黄山Yellow Mountain.  In China people say "Once you have visited Huangshan you never have to visit another mountain". Well I do not know if I agree with not ever visiting another mountain, but Huangshan is definitely a unique and beautiful mountain(s).  I would say my one complaint is that Huangshan follows suite with many of China's other natural wonders, meaning it is very touristy.  On the top of Huangshan there are four large hotels and three cable car systems going up the mountain(s), but the scenery is still a pleasure to the eye and I recommend a visit if you are ever staying in Shanghai. 

I wish we had seen monkeys

Everyday these people carry supplies up the mountain for the hotels.  This was not the largest load we saw people carrying 

If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of one of the rare red bearded mountain men that inhabit  Huangshan

I hope it works...

I debated taking a swim in this mountain peak hot tub 

The Welcoming Tree

Well that is all the pictures for Huangshan. Even with many other hikers playing Gangnam Style, which I have found is impossible to avoid in China, it was a very enjoyable hike.  Huangshan is truly a unique mountain(s) and its reputation for beauty is well deserved.  
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